Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lovely Rosie

This post I dedicate to the lovely Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who stole my breath in the new "Transformers" movie. She looked so stunning and played her role so amazing.
And I truly was amazed by her dresses, hair and make up! So I thought I could do a little make up tutorial inspired by "Carly":

Choose a light and medium shade of the same color family (brown). The light shade is for the lid. The medium color is for the crease. Using your brush, place the light shadow onto the lid and all the way to the lash line. Place the medium colored shadow into your crease. With your brush, blend back and forth. Line your eyes with a black eye pencil or a liquid eyeliner along the roots of the upper lashes and on your waterline. End the line with a little wing. Finish with a coat of mascara. At last put a pink lipstick on your lips.

Products you can use:

Million Lashes Mascara by L'OREAL

Eyestudio Natural Impact Eyeshadow by Maybelline
Eye Pencil "Ebony" by MAC
Color Sensational Lipstain Cherry Pop by Maybelline